Additonal Driver - having to subscribe another account!

How strange that I cant add myself as an additional driver to my wifes subscription. We both registered, but because I didnt register as an additional driver, I now have to have another registration.

I dont have a 2nd email address to do this and to set one up for this just seems over the top. I can’t have my initial subscription cancelled either… Why that isn’t possible is anyone’s guess.

Unless someone knows any way around the above ?

If you have a gmail account you can use a dot in between the first part of your address, before the part. It usually counts as a unique email address but they all go to your same inbox.

For example if you have [email protected] you can also use [email protected]


Thats excellent. Thankyou, wasnt aware you could do that :+1:


Another gmail #protip is you can add a plus symbol and then anything you want to the end of your email (e.g. [email protected]).

It’ll deliver the mail to your inbox as usual, but you can also create filtering rules so that those messages get different labels applied, get sorted, marked as read, bounced elsewhere etc.

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Only issue is the + trick isn’t observed by absolutely everyone, so sometimes doesn’t work (from memory, putting a + symbol in your email address doesn’t follow the email address specification), so sometimes you have to revert to using something else.

The [.] in the middle as mentioned above is more reliable as it is definitely accepted and part of the email address RFC standard.


I’m sure you sorted the problem, but I’ll chip in with another gmail tip.
Use instead
Plenty of options there.

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