Additional Package - Excess Reduction

Not sure if this has happened to anyone else but I’ve just noticed that this is the first month since adding the excess reduction package the new hire agreement starting 2nd May doesn’t automatically contain this package. I never normally look but I was looking for something else and noticed the cost for next month was different and then discovered this. Obviously I don’t want this to lapse so I’ve emailed ONTO but if they don’t sort it in time will I have to provide a myriad of photo’s to get them to add it again?

@Raheel_at_Onto could you help me with this please. I have done chat and email and been told that I need a new agreement issuing but then no agreement has appeared and I need this to happen before the old one expires on 1st May otherwise the excess reduction addon will expire and I will need to send lots of photo’s in to get it reactivated when it should just carry on as I’ve had it on since I got the vehicle on 2nd December. I really don’t want to go back to £1000 excess anyway for month while its all sorted out I just want it to continue like its supposed to.

Hi @dolores1976 - I can definitely see your excess reduction on the account for this current sub & the next one too but not on your renewal agreement for some reason.

I’ll review this for you on Monday when I’m back in - if you want feel free to drop me a DM as a reminder.