Additional Miles Bolt On using points - still got charged

Hi all,

I’ve had a VW ID.3 with Onto for just coming up to a year and not used any of my reward points until now. I redeemed a load of them against a 500 mile bolt on.

However, when my payment was taken for this month (where it holds the money from the account) it had taken the £160 for the mileage bolt on as if I hadn’t redeemed the points.

I phoned support and was told that when the payment is returned and then taken again at my renewal date (still don’t know why they do that), the £160 will not be charged.

I don’t understand this, I use my points for free miles but have the pay for the miles for 2 weeks?

Is this normal or is it just me?



@Tangent12 Hey Tommy, hope you’re well!

When you redeem points against a bolt on on your online account, the system will credit these on your renewal date. This means that the initial pre auth will pre authorise funds from your bank and then on renewal, apply the points and reverse the equivalent balance back into your bank account.

I’ve flagged this internally to be looked at, as I agree it’s definitely something that could be better.

Going forward, if you contact our CS team to redeem points, it credits them immediately as they manually adjust the invoice there and then instead of waiting for the system to do it on renewal, so in the mean time it might be an idea to give us a call if this is an inconvenience.

I’ll be sure to provide an update when I get one around making this process better in future



Update - I’ve raised this to our tech team who are looking at this and once I receive a response as to whether this can be changed/rectified I will let you know!

I’ll be transparent and say I’m Not sure at this point whether this is a trigger our end or whether it’s just the way our payment providers system is built.

As always, I’ll do my best!

Stay tuned!


Hey all, Me again. as promised, I’m giving an update.

Our tech team believe this is something they can fix. Without going into “tech jargon” they believe they can change how the credit triggers onto the account when redeemed via self service,

This has been added to their upcoming sprint to deep dive and understand how to change this but keep it secure for our customers.

More to come but thank you for flagging this @Tangent12 it helps us improve and not just accept something because it works.

have a great weekend all,



As a product manager myself, I fully appreciate this statement.

I’m planning my next sprint :nerd_face:

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