Additional Milage

Hi so I’ve purchased the 250 extra miles for the car, however I’m using them and probably won’t have enough till the end of the agreement.

I’ve asked for the extra 500 miles for the next month but I’m unable to add anymore to this month for some reason.

Will my car stop working when I reach 1250 or will they let me use it and bill me for the rest ??

You’ll be charged the excess mileage rate for your vehicle’s tier. See below:’s%20monthly%20subscriptions,by%20purchasing%20a%20mileage%20package.

You’re better off buying too many rather than too few as unused miles are added to the following months 1000 mile allowance and are valid for 12 months from purchase.

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This is one of my fears I may add 500 to mine for peace of mind

Iv gone over mine I’m sure but my app is still not working and Iv been reassured I won’t be charged :frowning:

If I know I’ll be doing a lot of miles in a particular month, I just reset one of the trips on the trip computer on renewal day. At least that way you may be able to manage it better.

However, I’m fully aware that if it’s your only car then it’s not as easy as it is for people who have a multi car household.

Yes, don’t rely 100% on the mileage in the app, although in my experience it’s generally more accurate these days.

I’m not shy of adding mileage on, if I think I need it though. Even if you already owned an ICE car, it’s cheaper to buy 500 miles off Onto than it would be to put 500 miles of petrol in (never mind the other costs of running an ICE!).


Does unused mileage get carried over to the next month ?

It does get carried over but they expire after 12 months I believe?

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Ok no worries thanks least I can build some up for a drive around Scotland

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As has been confirmed above, it does roll over yes.
I would recommend taking a look at the mileage blog to better understand how it all works. It answers all the questions that most people have around the subject.


Sounds interesting. Where are you planning to go?

500 miles up the North Coast mate

Would suggest getting a charge card for Scotland there £20 for the year

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Depends when they are planning on going. After Swarco take over in a few months time things may change. Cell signal will still be a weak point but their website and apps are at least more reliable than CYC. Plus the £20 annual fee will be removed at the same time should they want a RFID Card (Though there is a new joining fee of unknown value to come)