Additional drivers

Hello all. I’m new to Onto and haven’t made a booking yet, but will soon.

I don’t seem to be able to find any info on additional drivers.

  • How do you add them?
  • Is there a cost?

Thanks in advance.

I believe it’s possible to add (may have to call?) at a cost of I think £9 or £10 per month.

It also looks like reward points can be used to go toward this too which is great!

Edit: from the FAQs:

You can add up to 3 named drivers per vehicle. All they have to do is register on our website, you will then give us a call or an email as the main driver and we can get them added once we have approved them, subject to eligibility. There is a monthly fee of £9.99 for 1 named driver or £14.99 for up to 3 named drivers

Ps- Welcome to ONTO and to the community! I’m new too, but got a car coming next month which I’m stoked about!


Brilliant. Thanks Tyson!

I believe that you can’t be a subscriber and an additional driver. So if you wanted to be able to drive a friend’s ONTO vehicle, you’d have to set up another account with a different email address and pay another registration fee!

Hi, agree with @E7EV but dont ever remember paying any registration fees? I think we both just needed to give credit/debit card details but it was made clear there would be no charges made against them until a contract was signed. However, this was the process that I do remember.

When I joined, registered and was accepted with ONTO 5 months ago and susequently proceeded by subscribing for a car I wanted to add my Wife as a Named Driver on my account. To do this she had to go through to same account registration and acceptance process that everyone does. Once accepted she then had an option (memory is a bit vague on how/when in the process but it was at an early stage) to request to be a Named Driver on another account then give my account details.

I subsequently received this email from ONTO-:

Hi George,
Susan has requested to be added as a named driver to your Onto subscription.

Please note there will be an additional cost added to your subscription for having named drivers:

  • 1 named driver: £9.99 per month
  • 2 or 3 named drivers: £14.99 per month

If your named driver joins on a date other than your renewal date, they will be able to drive as soon as you confirm. However, you will be charged pro-rata for this period on your next subscription payment.

Can you please confirm this is correct?

Click Here - Add Susan to my subscription

Click Here - Don’t add Susan to my subscription

As soon as you confirm, they will be added to your subscription and will be ready to start driving! Please respond within 7 working days as this request will expire and you will need contact customer support to add the named driver to your account manually.

If you have any questions, please contact us on +44 (0)800 030 6840.

The Onto Team

I pressed accept and my wife received this confirmation email

Hi Susan,

You have now been added as a named driver to George’s subscription and are ready to log into the App with your username and password and start driving our Onto cars!

Here is the Onto Quick Start Guide for you to understand more about our service, our App and driving our cars. Please read it before you jump behind the wheel.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.
The Onto Team

I was charged the £9.99 and my wife appeared on my account as a “Named Driver”. On her account I appear under Linked Drivers as a “Main Driver”

PLEASE NOTE that when I later upgraded to a new vehicle I did not immediately notice the new agreement did not automatically include my named driver and no fee was added. I luckily spotted it quickly and rang ONTO who immediately sorted it out with the correct charge applied. I am not certain if this was a glitch or by design but needs to be confirmed, perhaps @Lily_at_Onto or @Carol could do this for future reference?

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When I had the Tesla for a month I added two additional drivers so that they could have a go! They stayed on my account for several months and then just disappeared. No issue as they weren’t driving my car anymore anyway. I get free additional drivers so didn’t make any financial difference.

Rewards now cover my additional driver cost, which is nice.

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as you have all noticed rewards does cover named driver, which is great news! we continue to develop our strategy for rewarding loyal and continued customers of Onto! We do have a glitch where named drivers come off the contract if you switch vehicles. This is linked to the change of vehicle and is something we are working on now to solve. However when initiating a swap we have asked the support team to check if there is a named driver on the account and ask if this is to remain and schedule a task to add this back on. While we do this manual process, we will have to ask driver to confirm the named driver, however in the longer term we are hoping we can automate this

As usual I thank you for identifying this and sharing this with us, as it helps us to identify issues and plan to address them


Great thanks @Carol :older_man:

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Has anyone added a named driver to a new subscription recently?
I had a named driver on my original subscription, then I stopped at the end of March and I am starting a new subscription in July, so it’s not a swap as described above.
However at the point of confirming the new subscription I requested an additional driver (same one as before) be added. So far after several emails, a couple of online chats and one call I haven’t had the email confirming it. I haven’t been chasing hard as my new subscription doesn’t start until middle of July and I can appreciate the onto CS team have had other challenges to cover, but can anyone confirm if this usually appears at point of request or is it only confirmed just before delivery? I will call the onto team again but wondered when this has been confirmed for others as it was pretty much straight away after the request, and before delivery, on my first subscription, but maybe the process has changed.

My experience was last October and my car subscription had already started (contract signed, car delivered) so may not be relevant now. I remember requesting the named driver, and my Significant Other Drive Grandmasusanc receiving an email asking to confirm acceptance. I think I then got an email confirming this and all appeared on our web accounts. Maybe you need to wait until the contract starts? I am sure someone will confirm this on Chat or perhaps @Carol or @Lily_at_Onto may like to confirm or otherwise here? :older_man:

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Looking back at old emails it appears it was the other way around. My other driver made the request to be added to my account and I got an email asking to confirm acceptance. Then my other driver received an email confirming this. Sorry about the error in advice I blame it on my age. :older_man:

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thanks - I know first time around I took care of all of it, once my missus had signed up, I think asked for her to be added and then got the confirmation email. I’ll call them again, hopefully things have died down enough now that there is a bit of spare capacity in the system!


Just to update on this. The simple answer is that the automated request isn’t generated at the time of booking but only just before delivery so if you book a while before the delivery date then you won’t see the request immediately. If the delivery is reasonably close to the order date then it will.
This was checked and verified this time by the onto customer service team since they could see the request fulfilled on my account but were perplexed as to why I hadn’t had the email to confirm the extra driver. It needed a bit of digging their end as it looked like a failed email - but actually isn’t. Mystery solved and all credit to onto for getting to the bottom of it and calling me back.


the named driver confirmation email is sent to the subscriber on the day of delivery for confirmation, we can do all the back end verification, but this does not not take effect until the day of delivery


Thanks for clarifying @Carol . Now I know when it’s supposed to come it will stop me worrying about not seeing it before then!!


I have received my car today, but I haven’t received an email asking for confirmation of adding my wife as an additional driver. How do I get her added? She registered as an additional driver on my account.

Get yourself onto chat in the morning and they’ll sort it out.


I had to call (press the option for NEW driver) and it was sorted in minutes for me. Same issue.