Additional Driver (US License)

Hi all,

I have a friend visiting for a week in July and I’m going to be driving her to various places around the UK. Just in case I become too ill or tired to drive home on any day was thinking of getting her added as a named driver just as a backup.

I’ve checked the criteria and says they must have a UK/EU driver’s license. She has an American license. Also says they must be a UK resident. Does this mean it’s a no go or does it require being referred to the insurer as the FAQ title suggests?

Probably one for the ONTO team to pick up in the morning not that there is any rush :slight_smile:

Yep one for Onto to answer in the morning.
They may need to get a copy of the license for insurance to assess, or it just be a flat no.
Update here as will be interesting to hear the outcome.


It’s a no. I already asked myself unfortunately. They need to have a UK license as well as being registered at a UK address that can be validated for the insurers ID check. So if they’re not a resident here that would also fail if they run such a check.

This was quite a long time ago now, so if you’re very lucky they may have a newer, more generous policy in place now but I wouldn’t count on it.


Thanks Koda. I’ll leave the post up to see what they say.

It’s not a disaster, it’s more just for reassurance having a back up driver when doing huge mileage.

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Hi @geon106 Dan Here

My apologies, We’re currently only able to accept UK or EU licences held for 1 year or more with our service.

This is definitely something we’ve looked at however unfortunately isn’t an option as of now.

Should you have any questions regarding sign up or there’s something you cant find around eligibility please email [email protected] and one of our team can run through this with you

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I was always told that the time held for wasn’t as important as being resident in the U.K. for 1 year.

Has that changed? In the above scenario woukd that work if it were an EU license?

That’s fine it’s not a major issue really. More for reassurance for any “but what if…” Situations.

Thank you for confirming


Hi @dotpaul

We require the Licence to be held for 1 year as well as being resident in the UK for 1 year

If you have recently changed your EU licence for a UK licence we can still accept you on the basis you have held an eligible licence for 1 year minimum

But we do require both in line with our insurance

I hope this helps


What about residents of Republic of Ireland? Is that’s under EU or UK for purpose of residence ?