Additional Charging Networks

@Lily_at_Onto and @Rob_Evezy,

Where I live in Edinburgh, Polar chargers are few and far between.


For now this is fine, as Charge Place Scotland has a few free Rapid chargers in the area. However, in East Lothian and Fife there are charges on the CPS network.

Are On.To considering expanding the charging networks that are included in the subscription?

Given it would be to charge the same car, it should not be an additional cost to On.To, but would be a huge incentive to customers in areas where Polar are not as prevalent or when Users (after lockdown) can travel a bit more jn the UK.


Hey @Baroque_Badger Lilly mentioned in a previous post somewhere that they are due to add an extra charging network card in the very near future so hopefully that will open a lot more choices.


Thanks @tomford!

Fingers crossed it works for us Teuchters past Hadrian’s Wall

For those not in Scotland: :rofl:


“Uncouth and rural”? You need to sign up for some self esteem classes :wink:

I’m south of the border but would still be happier to take a CPS Card over a Polar one. I used my own far more than the Polar card that ONTO provided the last time I had one of their cars. Still gives me access to CYC like the Polar card, but will also work on my many journeys into Scotland.

I’d also happily take a ‘Chargepoint’ card for access to Instavolt too. Though they would probably also be just as useless as Polar for Scotland especially as you get further north. Last time I checked they didn’t have an especially large presence up there.

What other networks would people like to see? I Know we’ve had people here saying they have struggled with Manchester for example but I am not sure we’ll see regional memberships like BE.EV being offered through ONTO. For the same reason I haven’t suggested the likes of Electric Blue despite them being great for local charging in my area. Its probably just going to be other nationwide charging networks that get offered.

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Cant see it being anything but that, as they have subscribers the length and breadth of the UK.

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I’d love to see Chargepoint offered, Instavolt and Osprey offer a huge advantage to the limited quantity and quality of polar plus chargers.

Do Chargepoint tags work on Osprey now, or am I just misunderstanding your post? If that’s a bit of news that I missed then this is great! It would be a very realistic replacement charging membership with good coverage for some of us. It still isn’t a great solution depending on where you are in Scotland though. Nobody really wants to compete with CPS by the looks of things.

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The Chargepoint app shows Osprey units as green (Polar are grey)

Edit; Seems to be the case!

Seems to be quite a few in Scotland on the Chargepoint network, as well as loads in the EU!

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