Adding extra miles just got a whole lot more flexible!

Flexibility is at the heart of our Onto subscription, and limiting you to only buying one Mileage bolt-on per month was undoubtedly restricting this flexibility.

We’re super excited to announce that you’re now able to add more than one Mileage bolt-on to your subscription!

How does it work?

All you have to do is email us at [email protected], telling us which additional bolt-on you’d like to purchase and we’ll take care of the rest! At the moment, this will be a manual process, but rest assured, we’ll automate it in the near future!

Please note, as the top-up is a manual adjustment to the subscription, we will need to bill you first before it can be applied.

Any additional Mileage bolt-on you’d like to purchase will remain at the same price as an initial bolt-on:

What’s the limit?

Please note, you are limited to adding a maximum of 1,000 miles per month, in addition to your base monthly mileage allocation. Past this limit, you will be charged per mile (overage).

Check out our blog on How mileage works to find out more.


@Lily_at_Onto You might want to add the 250 mile overage rule too as this doesn’t seem well communicated in the original post.

Trying to remember what that rule is :thinking:

Nice addition. It might also be a good idea to update the “What happens to unused mileage” FAQ. It doesn’t include that the unused mileage won’t be used until the current months mileage has been used.



Can I get more scenarios around this to see how it would work?

Can I buy 250 miles then buy another 250 miles when I need it?
What happens if I buy 500 miles then try to buy 1000? Will it just get rejected or will I just an extra 500 instead?
Is it just one of each type i.e. if I buy 250 then I can’t buy it again?
Does it meant 750 miles is defunct at Tier 4, as I may as well just buy 250 + 500 as it’s cheaper?

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So does that mean, if we take a Zoe in Tier 1 as an example, someone could do 1999 miles a month maximum ?

750 miles included at £499
1000 mile bolt on at additional £140
249 miles at 40p per mile (£99.60)

So 1999 miles at 37p per mile. Is that good?


I don’t think it would’ve been good last year, but today even an ICE would be nearly 20p per mile in fuel alone, I can’t really say it’s way off with todays costs.

It’s not “bad”.

Actually, it’s mostly relative. I couldn’t bring myself to carry on reassessing the cost of my previous own car - a 5 litre 19-year-old Merc. Admittedly I bought it “cheap” off EBay and it “lasted” 6 years. But I’m pretty sure a year ago that was costing 85p a mile - with impending big bills.

Anything looks “cheap” when it’s relative!! :upside_down_face:


Another thing to consider is at least with Onto, we’re relatively protected from random spikes in the price of fuel/electricity. Yeah they may have to increase prices from time to time to keep up, but at least we know it’s coming in advance rather than rocking up one day and having an unexpected increase from last time.

Don’t know how relevant that might be to most people but I like knowing I’m not going to be spending any more money on the car than I already have (unless on the very rare occasion I’d need to call into a GRIDSERVE or A.N. Other charger - yet to happen to me).

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So I’ve just tried to use this service. Sent an email just before 5pm on Friday. Got a response this morning that the ticket has been raised and it will take up to 24 hours to get reviewed. :grimacing: very manual indeed. I hope it comes in time for my trip tomorrow.

I would really like to bump up the priority for a more faster way of doing this as the initial bolt on was almost instantaneous and I didn’t expect it to take this long for another bolt-on.

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I believe you can add one bolt-on anytime during the month so theoretically you won’t have to wait for an acknowledgment before starting to use it.

This is the second bolt-on I’m adding in the same month. Hence having to wait.

Second bolt on in a month…
As long as you are within the limits as above, it will all be ok.
It’s just a manual process at present, so slower than everyone would like.

The issue is there is no timeline of when this will be added and no assurance it will be back dated, so now I can’t make a journey until I get the bolt on.

I’ve asked at 5pm on Friday to add more miles, still haven’t got it (even though told it was a 24 hour review process). This is more of PSA: expect a very different experience and a big delay if you want add a second bolt on. Even to the point of don’t plan any long journeys, as you may have to pay overage.

How far in are you to your monthly hire period and how many miles have you already added to this month’s 750 mile allocation?

Anniversary date is 19th and I’ve already added 250 miles to my original 750. I should’ve gone for 500 if I knew it would take this long. :expressionless:

So you should be able to add up to 750 more miles. As long as that goes through before the 19th of this month, it’ll cover the extra mileage you want to do. If they’ve not refused to do it, you’ve got two weeks for it to be applied to your account. I’d do your trip tomorrow as if you’ve got the extra miles you need to cover it.


Is that how it works? So for example if I have 0 miles left now and drive 200 miles till the end of the anniversary date, then ask for a 250 mile bolt-on I won’t be charged overage? Can @Lily_at_Onto confirm this?

I was under the impression if I didn’t get the bolt-on in time then I would be charged for any overage until it is applied. i.e. if I had 0 miles left and then drove 200 miles then asked for a bolt-on I would still be charged overage for the 200 miles, while I didn’t have the bolt-on.

Overage charges are applied at the end of the month if you exceeded the 750 mile allowance plus any bolt-ons up to a maximum of 1000 miles. As long as miles traveled at the end of the hire period are less than the allowance plus bolt-ons there won’t be any overage charges.

As I understand it, you can add bolt-ons up until the end of a hire period to cover miles above the 750 allowance that you have already done. You don’t need to bank the bolt-on miles before you can use them.

So, as long as on the 18th, your 750 mile allowance, plus first bolt-on of 250 miles plus your second bolt-on (that has not yet been applied to your account) exceeds your actual mileage, you won’t be charged overage. Any mileage credit will be carried over to the following month.