Adding another mileage package to my subscription in the same month

This is my problem with price increases. I can understand the raising of prices, but lowering the mileage down by 25% as well as raising the prices of the bolt ons just removed all the value of ONTO

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So who have you found that offers the same subscription offering but with cheaper prices in our current worldwide crisis?

no offence but there is another thread about mileage reduction changes, you might get better coverage of your points there?

Oh I know but it was relevant to the person I was replying to. In the other thread I went into much greater detail I can assure you


@Adam_at_Onto Hi Adam, I wondered if you had had a chance to review. I have a Funeral and a Wedding, This coming Thursday and Friday with a combined mileage of about 450 miles. I would like to do these journeys as green as possible, it all depends on whether or not I can change my mileage package.
What do you think? can ONTO do this? if not just say and I will plan accordingly.


Hi @Mariutto, I’ve have and we agreed this morning that we should allow the ability to add a second additional miles bolt on within the subscription month. We won’t be able to have within our app/desktop initially so it will mean additional customer effort in contacting CS for us to manually charge/invoice and apply the additional miles to your account. I’ve asked @George_at_Onto to reach out to you reference your specific request.

For the wider community we are looking to communicate the process later this week. Anyone who has an immediate need i.e where you have already purchased a mileage bolt on and require a further bolt on within your current subscription month then please DM me. Just to be clear the maximum number of miles you will be able to have as a combined subscription/mileage bolt on is 1750 per month.


You had to hide that at the end didn’t you :joy:

I was getting excited for a minute then… I was mentally planning euro trip v2.0 :see_no_evil:


Thank you so much. I think this is a great solution, and I’m sure this will be vey well received throughout the ONTO community.


Another “You Said…We Listened” to add to the list!


Lol no hiding @Kev it just took me a long time to get to the point :slight_smile:

Just out of interest, if you had a magic wand, what do you think the maximum mileage should be?

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think this question was really for Kev, but honestly when i first started research ONTO and subscription cars , i never imagine that i would use any where near 1000 miles, which at the time was included. When i started my sub at 750, I thought in a heavy month i might add 250 or so… but here I am at nearly 1500 projected for this month, but it is an exceptional month for me, the problem is that I have never really had to think about mileage before so it would take me a few months of playing around and learning.

Right now I think your current maximum, is just fine

If the charge to the subscriber for the additional mileage is directly related to any reduction in value of the vehicle (and extra servicing, maintenance and insurance costs), why does there need to be a maximum?


It’s a tricky one, I get you guys want to keep the mileage low to get best resale values, but with used car prices at record highs and vehicles lasting longer (with longer warranties etc), mileage is becoming less of an issue.

If I was in London, a Euro trip wouldn’t be too much of an issue, but for me (as a heavy user), I doubt I could save up the rollover mileage allowance to permit a trip abroad again.

From Sheffield to the Eurotunnel Terminal, it’s just under 500 mile return journey. If we were to take another trip abroad, it would be to somewhere like Phantasialand in Germany, a beautiful theme park… but that just can’t be done with me maxing the 1750 miles nearly every single month. I would need a 1000 mile bolt on just for the trip.

But as @E7EV says, why does there need to be a maximum? Maybe an option to add extra one offs like the trip mentioned above, or add some mileage monitoring system and offer an early swap for a lower mileage vehicle to heavy users once it gets close to the resale sweet spot on mileage.

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I’ve just been on chat to customer services and was told there was nothing they could do!

The CS team won’t be fully aware of the pending changes so you need to speak with @George_at_Onto as per above post from @Adam_at_Onto

@MattB it’s being communicate and trained out today. Drop me a DM on what you are looking to add on and I’ll get it taken care of for you.


I think this is really good. I’m potentially moving across the country and will need to do up to 1000 miles each month to take into account coming to see my son. With these changes it becomes viable. Albiet expensive.


A successful addition for me - thanks to both Adam and George :slight_smile: