Adding another mileage package to my subscription in the same month

I find myself in a position that I have under-estimated the amount of miles I needed this month. I already had added 250 miles as I poorly estimate the amount of driving I would do this month but due to unforeseen circumstances, funeral in Manchester, I used 300+ miles extra. Plus all the extra miles I have done just looking for Chargers that actually work, today I find myself -10 miles!

No problem I thought, I’ll just add another few hundred miles to see me through (as I still have 2 weeks of this month left and a lot of driving to do), but I can’t!
I checked in with customer services and they are not allowed to add more than one add-on per month? Why?

This makes no sense at all? If I had known I needed this many miles I would have paid for the add-on upfront, there is after all addons that would have covered the mileage I need to do, but I had no way of knowing, this does not strike me as very flexible at all.


Unfortunately it’s true that it’s one add-on per month. Any extra outside of that goes as overage.

I’m not sure why you can’t get additional bolt ons.

It’s highly recommended that if you do not have a consistent month on month mileage that you purchase the maximum add on mileage in your first month of subscription so that any unused is then rolled over into following months so you have a built in buffer going forward.
Unfortunately in your current circumstances you will have to pay the overage at the end of the month.

The mileage add on was only ever launched with one possible add on per month.
I don’t know the business reasons for this, but I suspect there are several. Maybe @Adam_at_Onto can enlighten us all.

Thanks for your followup and advice, but this is my first month, and I thought I read quite a lot about best practice etc, it did not jump out to me that I should buy the maximum mileage in my first month, is that real advice from ONTO?

I should be able to top-up to the maximum amount at any time.

The reality of the situation is that I have to do 400 miles in the next 2 weeks, I would prefer to do this with green car but that will cost me £400 overcharge or £200 if they allowed me to extend my addon. I may as well jump back in my Diesel SUV because I get 450 miles for £100, which is likely what I will do, and then nobody wins! Onto dont get any more money from me and I don’t get use the car.

I generally do this, however for those who do not regularly go over the allocated mileage, Is it not the case that you just need to purchase your mileage bolt on before the end of your current subscription period? So if you are going to go over your mileage but are not sure by how much, you simply wait until a couple of days before your current contract ends and purchase the appropriate mileage bolt on to be added to your current subscription period? Or put simply, you do not need to purchase your bolt on before you exceed your allocated mileage but must purchase it before your current subscription period ends.

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Ah that’s a pain that it’s your first month, but unfortunately the rules have always been one add on for the current month, which is why those that are unsure of mileage leave it till near the end of the month to judge what they need, as per post above.
Not Onto advice as I stated, just forum best advice.
If @Adam_at_Onto gets back on this issue it would be worth updating the ‘help’, the app and website with a 2 stage buying process that specifically recommends waiting till near the end of the month, adding more or even max mileage add on info to ensure subscribers don’t get caught out by the current one off purchase scenario.

Definitely go for the cheapest option for the rest of the month too.


Thanks, Yea you are right, however for me I thought I only needed 250 mile extra but I was caught out by 2 unexpected trips. Which will take me well over the addon.

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Yeah I agree, needs to be a lot clearer in the FAQ, which I reviewed a lot. I never read anything in the community before today though,

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Hi Mariutto,

Another important factor to consider is that if the overage has a 250 mile limit, and if you go over this then OnTo reserve the right to cancel your subscription.

Ok, I didn’t know that. That’s very threatening!

Apparently you do get warned and you have to be a repeat offender before they cancel. I was worried about this so have purchased the maximum mileage bolt on for the last few months to build up a large buffer.


Honestly I think this makes a flexible arrangement rather inflexible, and hard to forecast .

A flexible arrangement would be a simple pay as you go with a cap, no Addons option.

Ie you reach 750 miles, you are warned that you be charged 40p per mile up to 1000 mile cap. If you go over the cap you may burn your subscription.

Onto would make more money from me, albeit it won’t be in their bank up front like an add on would.

@Mariutto Very good question and I can confirm this the current business rule is one mileage pack per month. That said, I will review the background and see if this is something we can look at changing.


Hey this is really useful, thanks all. I’m totally going to add bolt-ons for a few months and create a nice safe buffer of miles to roll-on.

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Don’t go too mad! If you change to another tier of vehicle or leave ONTO you won’t be reimbursed.


I’m currently buying as many miles as I possibly can because I’ll most likely need them when the base package drops soon, it would make life so much easier though if I could just buy a top up if needed.

This is what I’m doing. I normally do about 900 miles a month so banking as much as I can ready for August.

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Yes would make life easier.

If it is a question of onto having money up front then perhaps, then I suggest do it like a float system. You pay a float of the maximum number of miles you wish to go up to, say 1000 miles, you pay the add on price in advance, and next month if you have not used the float then you pay nothing, if you have used 50% then you just pay the top-up fee.
You can budget for that and you have flexibility, onto has your cash up front. Winner!

I have essentially trapped myself in tier 2 by building up such a large buffer (10k miles). If I could transfer the credit at a logical exchange rate, say 1000 tier 2 miles for 750 tier 3, or 500 tier 4 (which would be in line with the 50p, 75p and £1 overage rates for tiers 2, 3 and 4 respectively) I would probably upgrade, and OnTo would get more of my money!

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Certainly does need an overhaul in my opinion, either scrap the once a month mileage add on or make it easier at end of the month to balance the books as it were up to the max. 1000 mile add on.

Given that the Mile overage fee is very expensive onto would be best served to review their current system to align to all their recent changes with drop in miles per month and increase in monthly costs.

I have had a lovely time with onto and will most likely be using them again but I will be moving to a competitor of theirs as the costs in my personal situation work out better.

Businesses need to adapt and change to the market which is fine, but don’t leave legacy systems in place if it is counter-intuitive to their ethos otherwise it is just pay more to drive less lol :joy: