Add Bolt on via APP


It seems that when you add a bolt on via the APP it’s a bit misleading.

It has current active bolt on, which i added via the app and it shows fine.

It also had UPCOMING BOLT ONS which shows nothing as I would expect.

However, I just signed a new hire agreement and I was charged the bolt on which I don’t need this month. Low and behold, the website has the automatic apply box ticked.

That either needs adding to the app for customer clarity with a way to stop it, or don’t apply the auto tick box by default. A little misleading from a UX standpoint here.


Edit: just chatting to someone on live chat and it looks like they have charged me for last months bolt on even though I redeemed points.

Still think the app could be more clear.

Edit 2: agent tells me that when you redeem points, it still charges you and then says “hey you redeemed points for this, lemme refund you”. Surely that’s not true? That is hella awkward, confusing and just not a good process at all.

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I had the bolt-on too. It was supposed to be redeemed from my points, but wasn’t. At least this persuaded me to go back to I4CH (£3.92/month vs £20, and no £350 still to fork out).
It’s easy to add bolt-ons on the app, but try cancelling one…!

You still need to fork out the excess, its just you get to claim it back :slight_smile: but OntO still charge you either the £350 or £1000 and then I4CH give it you back at somepoint, once the claims settled…

Which reminds me, my I4CH is up for renewal…

@Joseph_at_Onto @Lily_at_Onto Appreciate if you could look into @MisterOaks feedback ref add bolt on via app.

Thanks @MisterOaks


Thanks for raising @Adam_at_Onto and thanks for the feedback @MisterOaks. We will investigate and get back to you.


@Adam_at_Onto This is my first post here, as I have had a similar issue. For something that was raised 6 months ago, it is a pity to see it is still happening.

I added a 250mile bolt on to my last month’s subscription via the app and it is automatically booked for future subscriptions. It seems to defeat the purpose of it I being a bolt on, not to mention, it is misleading. Last week, I paid for my subscription and was surprised to see an attempt to charge my card for double the bolt on amount. I straight away contacted Onto, who reassured me it would be amended and the correct payment taken. That didn’t happen. I contacted Onto again, received the same reply. Today, I got a very threatening email from Onto saying they would cancel my subscription tomorrow if I did not make the payment by 4pm. In the end, I felt bullied to pay the double charge because I was terrified to be left without a car. It’s not good customer service, sorry to say. Now, I will have to wait the good grace of Onto to decide if and when they will refund me.

I hope someone can look into this and correct this issue on the app.

Thank you,

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@Lais sorry for the delay. I’ll get one of the CS team to review the issue you raised and help to get it resolved.

@Adam_at_Onto Thank you. My personal situation has been solved. Hopefully, this is something that can be fixed on the app to avoid further confusion and breakdown in communication in the future.

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@Lais We will take a detailed look at what happened in your case and understand what went wrong a how we can avoid this happening in the future.

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