Account Termination with no explanation - please help!


As the title suggests, I’ve had my Onto account terminated with absolutely no explanation. I’ve been with Onto for the past 4 months and have genuinely been a very happy customer until this.

The only issue I can think of is that I received a couple of parking tickets over the last few months, to which I have paid on time, directly to the relevant parking authority. However, it seems there is some lag between the time Onto receive notification regarding PCNs and updated payment information, as I subsequently received a charge by Onto even though I had already paid the fines! (and on time). I wonder if there was some miscommunication regarding this particular aspect? Even then, I feel it is inexcusable to experience the events that followed…

This morning I received an email completely out of the blue stating that I have violated the terms & conditions due to “negligent behaviour” followed by vague extracts from the T&Cs with no clear explanation. To highlight how shocked I was, I genuinely thought this was one of those scam emails - until I got a follow-up call a few hours later saying that they will be collecting my vehicle tomorrow (!!). I again asked for an explanation at the very least, but was met with complete apathy and shocking customer service - no explanation given. I then requested to speak to a supervisor/manager and was told there was noone available.

I am utterly lost for words and this experience has really soured my whole experience with Onto. Could someone please look into this further for me?


Can anyone help?

Sorry to hear you’ve had this experience. You’ve already tagged two ONTO team members who will hopefully help clear the matter up before your vehicle is collected.

I wouldn’t have thought parking tickets alone would lead to this decision. Hopefully it’s a mistake, or if not, then you get a full explanation of what’s lead to your subscription being terminated.


I know in the past rash driving has been a reason for violation. One guy I spoke to did a few drag races on public roads with his ONTO Tesla. He was told to return his car for breaching their usage policy.


Good Morning, I have sent you a direct message.

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@Zid hope this issue was resolved to your satisfaction.



PCN notices are a good little earner for Lease/Hire companies?

Normally it’s down to credit or points.