Account flagged

Hi guys,

Had an email from onto on the 30th in regards to my account being flagged based on detections on my car, but I’m not sure what it is Iv actually done handed back three cars no problems.

Any one had this or any idea?


Never had this one…

Best to ask Customer Services as to what they have detected via the telematics…

Can I ask what the box looks for?

My driving hasn’t changed the only thing that has is my car two e2008 in the last month as first one was faulty.

It just says several instances no other info which is helpful. This is what they used to tell me along some very thin lines what I had done.

Appendix 1 - Part A - Prohibited use. At any time during the Period of Hire, you must not:- Use the Vehicle in an imprudent, negligent, or abusive manner or any other abnormal use of the Vehicle.

Could be anything right? Just waiting on an email back

The obvious thoughts would be that the black box has detected something that shouldn’t have happened. For example breaking the speed limits, taking the car to a forbidden location, erratic or dangerous driving (Spinning wheels, taking speed bumps or corners too fast, harsh braking, getting a little too excited in the recent ice and snow etc.) or capturing a clip on the dashcam to suggest that you’ve been doing something like making deliveries with their car perhaps.

It’s likely not a car you have returned but rather your current vehicle.

You’ll need to contact Onto to ask for more information if the E-Mail was as vague as it sounds. It might take a little bit of digging to get the right answers from the right people. But they should be able to explain what it’s all about and what actions they plan to take next.

These can sometimes be triggered in error if the camera hasn’t been correctly mounted or the hardware isn’t correctly configured. If you genuinely can’t think of anything like the above examples just let them know.



Would seem it’s the previous Peugeot that I had for 2 weeks had all sorts of problems and went back.

Defo not this one as Iv but had it long enough, couldn’t be the Hyundai as I’d had that on r&r for 3 months and nothing.

I shall wait for an email but it’s super annoying.