Accident while in Europe

Has anyone experienced something similar?

I bought the EU travel bolt-on, drove to Amsterdam and my window got smashed in overnight with everything stolen from the boot, including the Onto-provided charging cable.

I’ve been on phone with Onto/Zurich/RAC/Glass but nobody seems to be interested in getting the window replaced or provide me with any info on how to claim insurance for the stolen items.

So the car is sitting outside with a smashed window and at the risk of getting vandalised. Sent numerous emails to Onto, been on hold on the phone for hours but they keep ignoring me as if they’re not interested in getting the car repaired.

If you had this situation, what did you end up doing?
Otherwise, what do you think I should do?

@Adam_at_Onto @Hena_at_Onto one for you?

@daniil really sorry to hear about the break in and that you had items stolen. I’ll follow up with our maintenance to find out what we are doing to get you back on the road.

Hi @daniil . I have just tried to reach you by phone, however I was not able to do so. I have left you a voicemail explaining what the current update is. If you have any questions please give us a call or send us an email or live chat.

Hi @Ashley_at_Onto thank you for leaving the voicemail.

For the benefit of the Onto community: the voicemail said that they’re now working with a Netherlands-based partner to try and get the glass repaired and that I should expect a call from their glass-repair partner.

Of course this isn’t very useful when the break-in happened a week ago and I’m no longer in the Netherlands, but let’s wait and see if the call from Dutch glass repair company materialises.

And Onto still hasn’t explained to me what I can do to make an insurance claim for the stolen property. @Ashley_at_Onto any chance you could provide some guidance on this?

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UPDATE 14/10
One week after the break-in I finally get a call from a glass repair company. They’re based in the UK and told me that Onto told them that I’ve already returned which isn’t true as I’m in Europe.

@Ashley_at_Onto is there anything you can do to get the glass repaired in Europe? And where can I get guidance on filing the insurance claim, as I’ve already requested multiple times?

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This really isn’t a good look, time and time again ONTO seem to always be playing catch-up on here when it shouldn’t even reach that stage

When things like this happen ONTO should really be explaining their side too to reassure customers that this is a “rare” instance and explain why this customer has had this unacceptable experience

(Not the break in, but the aftercare)

I have loads of miles which I’d love to use for a Europe trip but lack of support like this puts me off…

@daniil really really hope you get it sorted mate and keep us all updated for transparency

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Hey @amar thanks for the support! I get that break-ins do happen, and I’m now at the stage where ONTO’s treatment of this incident was almost worse than the incident itself.

Here’s an updated timeline as of 17/10:
Friday 07/10:
I discover the break-in, file a police report and call Onto. Onto connects me to the glass repair company who tell me that they only operate inside the UK. They connect me to Zurich insurance who ask for a policy number which I don’t have and tell me that I should get in touch with RAC. I call RAC and they tell me to contact a company called Autoglass who should arrange the repair. I call Autoglass, and they tell me that they don’t work with Zurich. I call Onto, they connect me to Zurich and Zurich tells me that what Autoglass said was true and I should arrange my own repair, pay for it and claim the money back. I asked them for this in writing and they told me to contact Onto for this.
I called Onto again, they eventually transferred me to the “head office”. I explained the situation, asked for two things:

  1. Get the glass repaired
  2. Let me file an insurance claim for stolen property
    Onto said that they will look into it and send me update in 24 hours. I asked if this timeline is valid given that it’s Friday afternoon, and they said that yes it is because apparently they work on weekends.

Sunday 09/10:
Still no email from Onto, so I send them an email asking for the two things that I need help with and pointing out that 24hrs have elapsed.

Tuesday 11/10:
Still no response so I email again and ask for an update.

Wednesday 12/10:
I get a response: “We have sent the authorisation over to Zurich for the repair can you please contact them back.”
Of course we know that it’s not possible to do so because they need a policy number and don’t have anybody in Europe to repair the glass. No response to my question about insurance.

So I did the following:

  1. Sent another email
  2. Called ONTO, waited on hold for over an hour and didn’t get a response.
  3. Initiated online chat and was told it would be chased up.
  4. Posted on this forum.

@Janso and @Adam_at_Onto have kindly responded to the post and said that he’ll follow up.

Thursday 13/10:
I get a voicemail and forum reply from @Ashley_at_Onto , saying that they will try to find a Dutch partner to get the glass repaired. By this time I’m already in Germany, so not super helpful but I figured I could go back to Netherlands for the repair.

Friday 14/10:
I get a call from “AutoWindscreens”. They tell me that they will get my glass repaired since ONTO told them that I’m back in the UK. Of course I’m still in Europe. So I asked the glass company to let me know when they can get it repaired in the UK, and left an update on this thread.

Saturday 15/10:
I get an email from Sami at ONTO, who tells me that AutoWindscreens is trying to find a partner in Netherlands to get the glass repaired, but it might cause delays and I should get it done locally, pay myself and contact ONTO for reimbursement.
Of course by this stage I have 3 days until I’m back in the UK and I’ve learnt that contacting ONTO would be very very difficult.

Sunday 16/10:
I get another email from Sami, informing me of my Zurich policy number as a response to the email that I sent 4 days earlier.

Monday 17/10:
I received a voicemail from AutoWindscreens, asking me to give them a call. I will do that and try to arrange a date for the glass to be repaired in the UK.
With the glass issue nearly sorted, I’m still not any closer to claiming back for the stolen property.

@Adam_at_Onto thanks for your intervention earlier. Since @Ashley_at_Onto is seemingly OOO, could you please follow-up so that somebody could explain to me what to do about the insurance claim?

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When you spoke to ‘head office’ Was this after pressing one of the options in the Driverline phone menu (Servicing, repairs, accidents, claims etc.) by any chance?

They’ve gotten themselves into trouble more than once already with Onto for calling themselves that. They aren’t Onto Head Office. They are i247 Driverline, a fleet support company that Onto have outsourced routine maintenance enquiries to. They aren’t connected to Onto customer service, who have never called themselves head office.

Whenever you call, make sure you are speaking to Onto’s internal customer service team. If you get the fleet support team they can only pass messages on which adds delays. Customer service themselves have the power to make decisions and get things moving. Fleet support do not. Alternatively the live chat service will always get you through to CS themselves too.


@daniil Just tried to give you a call but it looks like we have the wrong mobile number on file for you.

I’ll drop you an email directly and as I’d like to learn more about what happened and what we need to improve going forward with EU travel. I can clarify that personal belongings left in the vehicle are the responsibility of the customer and is not covered by our insurance.

Hey @Koda thanks for the info. To reach the “head office” I did indeed follow the options for accidents and servicing, and they claimed to have connected me to the ONTO head office. It’s entirely possible that this was misleading.

I will keep all future communications to email/live chat because the phone support really doesn’t seem to work for ONTO.

@daniil Correction (apologies). I’ve been digging deeper into this and personal belongings are covered to the value of £500. I’m just checking what the process is, will cover with you when we talk.

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UPDATE 25.10

@Adam_at_Onto gave me a call on Monday 17th, was super nice and was committed to understanding what went wrong with the aftercare.

I got in touch with AutoGlass and arranged for them to repair the glass when I was back in the UK on Wednesday 19th October. They came to my office and performed the replacement – fantastic.

In the meantime, I was told by another CS from ONTO that I can file the claim for stolen belongings by emailing [email protected] I sent them an email and a police report on Thursday 20th October, but haven’t heard back since.