Accident - not being contacted by anyone

Hello there. I have been in an accident few weeks ago. Not my fault. No one was hurt, little scratch on the car and headlight broken. I have taken pictures. I have contacted zurich, gave all info about what happened and details of the other driver and did let know directly over the phone about the accident. I have paid the 1000 excess fee straight away. Since reporting the accident, nobody has contacted me to provide the pictures or to let me know what is happening. I have tried contacting zurich again couple of days ago, but the waiting time (over 40 minutes and still not answered) i did gave up as had to go work. I hope the camera recording will be provided as the other driver reversed in me, which without the recording would probably turn out to be my fault as the damage is front of the car i was driving and rear of the other vehicle.

Insurance companies move very slowly, and they will be trying to get a response out of the other driver’s insurance before contacting you for more information as needed…

If you haven’t heard anything in the next week then I would call OntO, and try and get them to get an update from Zurich


If the headlight is broken it sounds like the car doesn’t have legal lighting requirements and should not be driven, so I suggest flagging @Hena_at_Onto to see if it can be resolved asap.

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It is not being driven. At least not by me. The car has been returned to

Hey @David78 hope you’re well! I’m sorry you haven’t heard anything back from Zurich about the incident. I’ll have a look into this with our Claims Team and get back in touch with you to provide you with an update as soon as I can :slight_smile:

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Trust you have a replacement EV then.

Well. Exactly what happened. Friday i booked a swap online. For next wednesday. And on monday 3 days after i have booked a swap and 2 days before a delivery of another car, this accident happened… I was using cars for about 9 months now. Usualy using about 1600 miles a month. And this way my first accident…

Thank you very much!

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First ever accident or with Onto? Either way it’s a pain for sure.

I did have 1 accident with my own car last year. Where my car was parked at Asda car park. And someone reversed into me while trying to park beside me… Seems like people just want to keep reversing into me. :joy: