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I wanna ask you if any of you had any accident. I’ve been involved in RTC last week.It wasn’t my fault .I was sitting in traffic when another car hit me from behind.I went outside to check the damage to my Zoe and speak with driver to swap details but he refused to exchange.I did call the police and then he got really aggressive with me so I’ve been told by police to get in my car and drive off! First thing I’ve done when I got home I reported him to the police online as I’ve been told by police over the phone and then I called Onto as well. Onto staff told me that insurance company will call me next day to register accident on the system also somebody from Onto supposed to call me as well to let me know what’s the next steps.Its already few days since that happend, I haven’t heard anything from Onto,Zurich,Police. What should I do now? Am I gonna get informed by police when they will establish who was the driver of that car? Should I wait for answer from them or do you think I should chase them up for it? Do you think insurance company (Zurich) didn’t call me because they waiting for police to sort this out? There is so many question marks and I don’t want to end up be in trouble with Onto.What should I do?

Do you have a police reference number already? If not, call 101 or visit the police station. Get an official record of everything to cover your butt.

Secondly get on the phone to Onto and chase this up with them. Give them another prompt to sort this out as the quicker everything springs into action the easier it is to deal with, and also the easier to remember the incident if asked to explain clearly what happened.

Insurance concerns can sometimes take a long time to be investigated, settled and closed. But it’s rare that it takes a long time to get started to make a claim or at least notify the insurer of an incident. I’d be inclined to say this is typical Onto lack of communication that’s causing problems and delay right now so definitely worth giving them another nudge.


I’ve been told to report this online.I do have report of collision with no details exchanged.but I will ring them anyway to ask if there is any update on my case.

I just called Onto and guess what? They have nothing on the system that I was calling last week and they didn’t know anything about professional…


I do hope you took loads of pictures at the time of the accident, including the other car and driver, but realise that might have been not possible in the situation. If not soon after.

This is becoming increasingly common. Nobody at ONTO seems to talk to each other. It was annoying that they gave my reserved Ioniq to someone else, but when it starts messing up things like Insurance claims that’s getting more serious, and isn’t really acceptable!

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I took a picture of the car quickly and that’s it , the driver was aggressive with me and I couldn’t do anything else.

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Just spent an hour with insurance company, all reported and regarding our excess fee which is £1000 they will try to get that from that driver.

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It’s times like that that we wish we had a bodycam recording everything.

I know , Onto should be the first one to resolve this problem because they own this car not me but I feel like they don’t really care.I think Director od Onto should be involved with onto community and see what kind of problems we going through.I spent an hour 30 min in total talking over the phone with insurance company (several people) to get this done finally.Onto expecting you to keep their cars in good condition and then they leave you on your own to deal with it.I was worry about excess fee and Onto said they will call me next day to inform me how they can help me with it because not being funny £1000 out of your pocket just before Christmas that’s a lot for me.finally I didn’t get any answer from Onto and the first thing they said when I called Zurich today was £1000 fee…


What was the extent of the damage to each vehicle ? Did you take out Car Hire Excess insurance ?

No I didn’t, all was sorted , today I booked the car in for repair.I was surprised how fast was it.As I mentioned before Zurich didn’t want excess fee from me.Now just got phone call from Onto , they want to charge me excess fee…

I think you’ll have to pay the excess and then if repairs cost less, you will be refunded. Unfortunately it may be down to you to do some legwork to see if you can pursue the other driver for your expenses. Check to see if you have legal aid cover on your household insurance or credit card.

IANAL but if your car has been rear-ended my understanding is that the presumption is that the other party is automatically at fault so I’m not sure why wants to charge you the excess.

Because if the guilty party is not insured (which is a real possibility and maybe why he didn’t want to exchange details) then you are only left with the option of taking him to court yourself. Unless it’s your car and the vehicle insurance is in your name and you paid the supplement for legal cover for this possibility. As it’s not the case and if £1000 will cover the repair, not sure how motivated Zurich will be to pursue the other party.


Insurance company (Zurich) told me today not to worry about excess fee because they don’t want it. They are happy with all evidence I provided. They checked online and the car is insured so as they said they will get that money from his insurance provider.But then Onto called me and asked for that money which doesn’t make a sense for me.Also I got reply from police today that they won’t chase him up even that he committed offence by not providing his details for insurance purposes because of coronavirus!


How did you end up talking directly to Zurich ? Would have thought everything would go through ONTO.

No , Onto will put you through to Zurich and you have to deal with everything.

Definitely a case here for paying the £50 a year to purchase car hire excess you wouldn’t have had any worry if you had and ultimately everyone really should take out this extra insurance


Driverline… a third party