Access to Renault App for Zoe

Hello everyone,

I got my Zoe last week and wondered if you been able to access to VIN number to use the app with your car?

Any guidance on how to get it would be appreciated!

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What Zoe? The ZE40 Needs an activation code which you will have to request from Onto to make it work.
The ZE50 Will work without this code, but most of the cars that Onto are giving out at the moment don’t work in terms of preconditioning via the app and are awaiting a fix.

In terms of other features like checking the battery level you can do that inside the Onto app anyways.

If you’re just looking for the VIN Number itself, it’s simply visible from the outside of your car in a small box at the bottom of your windscreen.

(You can also stand next to your car, go into Bluetooth settings on your phone, and do a scan for nearby devices. The Onto keyless access kit will broadcast itself with the name set to your car’s VIN)


Sorted thank you! Managed to get it connected.

hi there, my ZE50 was not able to be added to the my renault app - (to be exact- after adding the vin number, the app says the car is not eligible to “sync”). Have raised with Onto but doesn’t seem like it is a known issue to them. Could I check the pre-conditioning you mentioned - what exactly is it and how to fix?

Thank you

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You should be able to warm or cool the cabin from the My Renault App. This doesn’t work with early ZE50s, which the first batch of ONTO Zoes are. There is a fix coming, but it will mean a visit to the dealers.

Your first priority seems to be pairing your Zoe with the App. Keep us updated as to how this goes. Check out some YouTube videos showing how to set up the app, just to confirm that you have done it correctly.

You could also try contacting Renault Customer Services. They may be able to guide you over the phone. They are based in Portugal, and have always been very helpful whenever I have contacted them.