Access to Public Chargers

Hi - I’ve been a happy evezy customer for nearly a year. Since I got a home charger I use the Polar network less. I got the home charger for my convenience but also I found that the further north you go in the UK the more the Polar network thins out. e.g. north of Preston, Lake District etc.

So my thought is: would it be possible using smart card technology to enable customers to use any charging network anywhere? This would be super useful for motorway journeys and going to the wild and woolly north.

Keep doing what you do - it’s great!


I know what you mean! I went to the Lake District last week. Fortunately I had a Tesla so was able to get a good charge at the nearest SuC.

I’ve had an evezy vehicle for a year now, and have never paid for electricity! Being based in London I’m spoilt for Polar Chargers. I have no off road parking so have to rely on public charging. 11 months of my year with evezy has been with a Zoe.


Hey Stephen, welcome! Lovely to hear you are enjoying your Evezy subscription.

That sounds like a great idea. I’ve taken a note of it and will pass it on to our tech team… I’ll let you know what they say :wink:

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I’m in Cheshire and it’s a bit of deadzone.

There is a Sainsburys with a public charger a few miles away that I can use for £4 and that’s about it.

The nearest Polar is at least half an hour away and the local town has no charge points I can think of.

Hi “Desolate” hopefully not a nom de plume for ever!

Yes you might need to consider a home charger which is very convenient and well worth it as I imagine the future is electric and it will be used a plenty in years to come.

The network will expand and maybe Evezy will crack being able to use any charger.

…oh and download ZapMap app to your phone if you have not done already to keep up with all the working chargers.

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It’s worth noting that Charge Your Car (CYC) is also included which has a ton of destination chargers (mainly 3/7kw, not so many rapids). Schemes like D2N2 are part of CYC, so actually when you include those, I find availability is not bad.

However I’m over in High Peak which has almost zero Polar rapids, so I feel the strain too… but they just announced 5 new ones coming by Spring…


With the mileage we do in the EV the 3 pin plug works out fine.

The network simply isn’t reliable or widespread enough to be considered for any further use.
Fortunately my days of mega miles are behind me but for running around the area its perfect.

Thats useful to know, especially when travelling further afield.
Out of interest I looked at their map and not surprised to see I live in a black hole (North Oxfordshire near Banbury) on CYC coverage.
Other black holes in their coverage too Wales, Norfolk, Lincolnshire etc., but still good to see the areas that have plenty of coverage.

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I live in Nothumberland and all changing stations are free so you dont really need your polar card or find a polar station. Only used it once when i picked the car up from machester to top it up to travel back home. Never had to charge at home either theres a rapid charger just around the corner from where i work. 10-15 min top up is all i need. If that…just being greedy as its free



Which car did you get?