Absolutely disgusting

Anyone reading this really needs to avoid Onto!

Here’s my story, and everything can be backed up with screenshots of required.

  • First Onto bill me full price despite invoice showing £50 referral fee Numerous calls trying to fix it including being hung up on more than once.
  • Then they send me a different model car
  • Then the car is faulty and it takes them 3 months to book it into repair. No discount as the car is still drivable.
  • When it goes into repair, the garage didn’t have a clue what it was booked in for. That was a day wasted for me (£300 lost in work). Garage told me they would need a specialist and it’s a 2 or 3 day rewiring job. So will be another £300 a day lost.
    I decided to cancel due to the poor customer service I received, and after some fighting they agreed to wipe the collection fee of £99.50.

Now the next set of problems.
They took £11.63 from my bank and sent an invoice saying that this was the £99.50 delivery fee plus a refund of the unused time £69.17 and vat exempt refund £18.70. I emailed them explaining the situation and they shouldn’t have billed me and they apologised and to be fair instantly refunded the £11.63. They cancelled my collection date as they were busy and rebooked a collection for the next day. I wasn’t available so emailed them a list of dates I am available. They booked it in for the 28th (the day before my billing renewal date was due)
I receive an bank notification telling me that I’ve been billed £99.50 for collection! So I email them and fair enough, they immediately refund the £99.50 and apologise saying it’s an automated system.
Now I’ve just received a bill for £63.81!!! I query it via email and get told it’s for my additional time. What additional time? Firstly I’ve paid up till 29th and secondly, even if I hadn’t, it’s Onto’s problem that it couldn’t be collected on the day I originally booked, so if it takes longer, then it’s on them.
Now the guy says that it’s to cover the subscription because I “originally paid until the 23rd”. But I didn’t. I originally paid up until the 29th!
I complained saying that he’s lied to me twice and asked for a manager to deal with this matter.

I want to show you the intelligence of the people that work there so I will post his response word for word:

Your original collection fee has now been refunded so you are not getting charged for the amended collection.

In terms of the payment if you look at invoice my receipt number here then you will be able to see we had already refunded you for those days so you are not incurring an extra charge.

If you decide not to use the car for the days stated then you will not need to pay for those and we will refund you again should you decide not to use the car.

Let me know if there’s anything else i can help you with.

Ok so now I have to go back to him and explain that I’ve paid up until 29th, and then mention how he totally ignored my request to speak to a manager!!!

I strongly recommend you avoid Onto AT ALL COSTS and I suspect this post will be deleted in no time to try and cover up the poor customer service.

Probably tag @Adam_at_Onto and @Raheel_at_Onto for visibility

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I’ve never known ONTO to delete anything, even posts which are, arguably, grossly unfair. They do seem to want to remain transparent and to clarify and resolve issues brought to their attention. I’m sure this will also happen in your case.


Hi @TS77UK

Sorry to hear of the problems you’ve had with your collection and final invoice. I’m going to look into this for you and will send you a DM by 5pm tomorrow with an update. Feel free to message me on here in the meantime.



@TS77UK sorry to hear of your issues. Genuine question: Why didn’t you reach out to ONTO on this forum while you were having the issues? A lot have, and got their problems resolved pretty sharpish. Agree ideally you shouldn’t need to do that, but if it works…

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I try not to air my public laundry unless I feel no other option is working. I felt that the conversations I was having on the phone and email would be enough. Today was the final straw and decided to make it public.

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@TS77UK Sorry to hear about the issues you had with the car. @Claire_at_Onto is investigating and I’ll ask to see a full review of what happened and why. Thanks for sharing your experience. We are working hard to make things better and ensure that none of customers have this kind of experience with us. We will put this right.


Hi @TS77UK , I’ve sent you a direct message .


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Thank you @Claire_at_Onto for your message. Wish I’d come to you from the start.

But now the next problem has arisen. I met the collection driver on the 28th as agreed. He went around the car meticulously with me and commented how the car looked like it had never been driven (I had spent a fortune on a full valet).

He takes a few photos and says I’m free to leave (I had to go to work). A few days later I get an invoice for over £400 for alleged damage to the car! What the fuck? I swear Onto are trying to hurt me whatever way they can because of the nasty things I’ve been saying publicly about them.

I get photographs of the alleged damage and I can assure you they weren’t there when I left. I swear on my kids lives!

I was talking to my partner and she thinks the damage could have been done by the driver putting his backpack on the bonnet? Cause it looks like a buckle or something? Although in my eyes it looks like photoshop or something.

I won’t be paying a penny for the alleged damage. I’d there was damage then the driver would have mentioned it whilst I was there.

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Hi @TS77UK - sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the service. I do understand the frustration, but could I please request you don’t use defamatory or foul language here on the forum please - as it may upset others.

Have you raised this recent issue with our Customer Service Team at all - as the first step would be for a case to be raised to our Maintenance Team for review of the damage. If you’re already raised a case, please DM me the reference number and I’ll have a quick look for you.

We’re not here to seek revenge or “get you back” or anything else like that. It’s a matter of one of our vehicles being returned, with yourself being the last subscriber and having been billed for damage. Of course you can and are always entitled to dispute this if you believe it wasn’t caused whilst in your possession.

Let me know once you’ve spoken with Customer Services and been provided a case reference.


I apologise for the use of my language. It won’t happen again.

I did speak to the maintenance team who say that the damage was “on site”. They’ve totally ignored that fact that the car was passed as “pristine condition” by the driver. Apparently he’s not qualified to make statements like that.

The car has no damage when I left. Now there are photos of obvious damage taken outside my property. One of them is in full view on the bonnet. This would have been noticed immediately.

My only logical conclusion is either the driver has accidentally damaged the car and protecting himself by saying it was me, or Onto are on a revenge mission.

There is no alternative conclusion.

Did you take your own photographs of the car when you received it and before handing it back? if so Compare yours to the ones taken by the collection agent.


Good morning @TS77UK - I’ve been discussing your account with our Service, Maintenance & Repair Team (SMR) and I’ve also had a look at the Inspection Report and Collection Report from the day of collection.

The Collection Report is what is done on location before the driver drives off - in essence, this is where any damage is noted before the vehicle has left your location.

The Inspection Report is the more thorough report, undertaken once the collection has completed.

What I have seen, and what has been clearly documented in thorough detail on both reports is significant damage to the Near Side Quarter Panel & Bonnet. This has been clearly noted on the Collection Report, with detailed pictures taken at your location before the vehicle was driven off. The same damage has been reviewed on the Inspection Report later - which is why you have been billed for this damage.

I would like to also point out that we’ve not charged you for the chipped Near Side Front Door or the scratched bumper - having waived these as wear and tear.

However, the significant damage to the Quarter Panel & Bonnet are not considered wear and tear.

Despite your claims that we’re attempting to charge you as retaliation, I can assure you this is not the case. if you would like copies of the reports I’ve referred to, please feel free to drop me a DM and I’ll be able to send you over some copies.

This is more than just a few pictures on collection and clearly documents the damage before the vehicle left your possession. This isn’t a revenge mission or sabotage or any such thing.

I do understand that you may be frustrated with the charges, and if we had made an error or were able to waive this we would have, however, it’s not fair to claim that you have been unfairly charged when this isn’t the case.

If the driver had damaged the vehicle this would not have been reflected on the Collection Report, as this is completed prior to leaving your location.

More than happy to discuss further if needed,.




It’s like no one listens to me.

Let me try again:

The driver and I walked around the car.
The driver and I thoroughly inspected the car.
No damage was found.
The driver says I can go because the car is fine and I had to go to work because he arrived late.
A week later there is photos of “significant damage” on the car taken at my location.

I’m not disputing that the photos were taken onsite. I’ve asked for proof of this damage before the driver took ownership. He took ownership once he took the keys and said I could leave after the car had been inspected.

If this “significant damage” was present during the time of inspection, and it would have been given the description you’ve given, then why was this not brought up at the time? The driver even commented that the car was in pristine condition.

You keep going back to the malicious damage, that was just one theory put forward as to the damage incurred after I left. The other idea was that the driver accidentally did the damage and decided to shift the blame onto me so that he didn’t get in any trouble or thought maybe he would be billed for this damage. Maybe he put his backpack on the bonnet whilst he was collecting his things together and taking pictures. So contrary to what you say, this would be reflected on the collection report. It isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

All I have ever asked for is proof that the damage was done whilst the vehicle was in my care. If it had been flagged up whilst I was there, I would hold my hands up and say “my bad” and pay it. But I will not be paying for damage that has been done after I’ve relinquished responsibility of the car.

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Just a thought. Are photos time stamped. If so, could it be shown that the photos of the damage were taken, either out of the normal sequence, or after all the other photos were completed.

If @TS77UK explanation is correct, and obviously I have no way of knowing what happened, then perhaps a forensic examination of when or what order the photos were taken may be revelatory.


The photos themselves will contain a bunch of EXIF Data including time stamps. The problem is, having looked at one of Gefco’s condition reports, the photos are all embedded within a PDF File. That original data will be lost.

Unless Onto also get the original photo files (which seems unlikely) then I fear that this data with the time stamps will have now been lost forever.


Hi, Everyone in the customer service phone line is very rude, Very unhelpful and just keep lieing to me! Can someone please help.

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I have always found the Onto team to be very friendly and often go above and beyond to help. I’ve even had one come in to the office on their day off to stick to their promise of helping fix an issue for me.

You don’t have to call Onto. They are also available on live chat or E-Mail too. But assuming you were already speaking to Onto and not i247 Fleet support on the phone, the people answering phone calls are often the same people on live chat, email, and sometimes even the same staff members you see participating here on the Onto community forums too.

You can log a formal complaint using the form I am linking below if you aren’t satisfied with the assistance being provided via the usual customer service channels:


No one can really assist on the user forum without explaining what the issue is and with what car. If the forum can assist in any way there is a very knowledgeable set of people who may be able to assist or give you some advice. Koda has already given a good overview above.


Did you not take your own photos? I have done a couple of swaps and always take a full car video and photos before the collection driver shows up

Unfortunately, from Onto’s view, they have been presented with photos at the site of collection and can only go off these.