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Let us know what vehicles we should add to Evezy and why!

  • Hyundai Ioniq 38kw
  • Renault ZE50
  • Peugeot e208
  • Peugeot e2008
  • Hyundai Kona
  • Kia e-Niro
  • VW ID.3
  • Seat el-Born
  • Vauxhall Corsa-e
  • MG ZS EV
  • Volkwagen ID.3 (58kWh)
  • Renault Zoe R135 Z.E.50
  • Jaguar I-Pace

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Volkwagen ID.3 (58kWh)


Personally I want a Jaguar I-Pace as I need the flexibility of a hatchback and AWD.

Cars that I and others would like to see in 2020 are…
Renault ZE50
Peugeot e208
Peugeot e2008
Hyundai Kona
Kia e-Niro
Seat el-Born
Vauxhall Corsa-e

Medium sized hatchbacks are likely to be very popular.


Lots of votes for the Renault ZE 50.

I would love to switch from the renault ZE 40 to the ZE 50 but could I please add the new ZE 50 has different changing options. The rapid 50kw DC charging model looks much better than the regular 22kw AC


Hyundai Ioniq 38kw would be good too. Efficient, medium-sized hatchback. Not the best range, but will be fine for some. :blush:

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Awesome thanks for replies everyone. I have modified my original post to a poll with your suggestions to see what the community thinks :smiley: Please vote as that will help us understand which vehicles you all want the most!

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something with a bit more boot-space than an i3, but small enough to fit in small car-park spaces, at least as much range, and CCS charging at 50kw (more would be better) so we can do a “weekly charge” conveniently (as we don’t have off-road parking). I will fill in the poll a bit later, but will have to look things up first!

When it comes to upgrading from my Zoe ZE40, my first choice would be the Pug e-208 otherwise the Zoe ZE50 Rapid Charge.

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None of these are small enough, I need a small car for commuting so one of the Up/Mi/Citigo triplets is what i am aiming for.

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@Lily_at_Evezy: Two entries for the ID3 rather skews the results, if they’re combined it would be the most popular option.

VW are likely to push the ID hard to avoid the heavy fines they are facing and they’re a volume manufacturer and used to supplying fleets, so I would guess Evezy would be able to get a good deal.

The ID is a practical medium sized hatchback, so should be popular style with customers.

You’ll also need an SUV-lite option, so the e-Niro and MG could be good choices - reasonable prices, reasonable range, reasonable tech.

I’ve ticked anything medium sized hatch/SUV i.e. Niro, ID3. I’d be interested to know why Nissan Leaf has fallen out of favour.

I have the Model 3 SR+, and it is the ideal car for commuting and fun.

I liked the I-Pace as an option for a bigger car. 1-vote.

I initially tried to get a Kia E-Niro when they announced them, great value and range. Will suit lots of people! 1-vote.

I think we need a good option to replace all the SUV’s on the road.
Audi E-tron is the only bigger car i’ve looked at. Pricey though. Poor range, but most people dont need 200 miles a day and charge at home so wont suffer any inconvenience. Cant recommend it for this.

We need EVEZY to jump on the model Y when its available!

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I’m sure they will. But don’t hold your breath! It won’t arrive in this country for at least 6 months until after US launch. And then evezy will be fighting with everyone else who’ll want one. They’re still having issues getting the Model 3.

Let’s hope as the biggest Tesla fleet buyer, they will get some priority. But Tesla don’t seem to work like that.

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Looks like Hyundai are actually uping their game.
More Kona manufacturing Starting soon in Europe…

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Smart EVs are available from March. Even though they have a short range, they could make practical city cars for many people. They start from around ÂŁ16k so this could take over from the Zoe being the cheapest EV that evezy offer. Sub ÂŁ300 per month?

Smart EV Range

I don’t like any of them :scream_cat:

What about the Porsche Taycan?
Hoping you add the i4 when it’s available too.
And what about the Mercedes EV?

Evezy’s model is to buy in bulk direct from the manufacturer and so get a good discount. With hi end cars from Mercedes and Porsche this wouldn’t work.

Anyone looking at the VW ID.3 may well have seen various delays and software delays being one that has been discussed on many forums…

This is the latest info on deliveries… not what a lot of people have been expecting so many will be disappointed I expect.

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First UK review of ID.3 …

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This looks interesting…

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