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Tell us about your experience with the Model 3!

Personally I think the M3 is an amazing car! It took some getting used to, but after a few weeks it is all second nature with regen braking the one-pedal driving is so easy. I rarely use the app to open the car, as it is so slow and works intermittently, and the key card is just easy and reliable. I do use the app to pre-condition on cold morning, and also keep a track on charging.

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Agree with your experience. Although I was given the Key Card by mistake, I still use the app. Maybe it’s just habit after having a Zoe for 10 months where there was no choice! I’ve only had a couple of issues with the app.

Does your M3 app lock/unlock via Bluetooth or over the air?

Over the air I believe - its one of the original batch.

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