Ability to arrange a swap cars

I was just thinking, for those planning on a doing a short term ‘rental’ colour may not matter at all but for somebody planning on having a long term ‘rental’ it could be very important.

Lets say Jack gets given a black Model 3 but really he wanted a white Model 3, Jill on the other hand was given a white Model 3 and ideally she wanted a black Model 3, how could they go about doing a swap without having to go back into a queue? If at all possible.


Before going up the hill to fetch the pail of water, Jack and Jill could swap cars.

They would have previously both rang evezy and asked to do a mutual swap. Once they had permission, they would arrange with evezy to meet at a certain time at the bottom of the hill.

They would examine each other’s cars, and once they were happy that there was no unreported damage, they would ring evezy. Evezy would then swap the cars over, and both Jack and Jill would then download the key to their new car.

Once they returned with the water, and got first aid for any injuries sustained during their decent, they could each drive home in an M3 in their preferred colour :wink:


And live happily ever after?