A new Citroen on the block!

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The massively popular e-C4 has a new trim level, the Shine Edition, and we’re happy to announce it’s joining the family.

It’s the perfect car for those who need a bit of everything, giving you a superbly quiet experience, along with its direct acceleration and smooth suspension that makes the e-C4 a delight to drive or be driven in. Its stylish, unique design and supremely comfortable interior makes you feel like you’re travelling in true luxury.

There’s plenty of features in this 2022 model to get you excited, including the top-of the range infotainment system, and the Citroen Smart Pad support, allowing your front seat passenger to mount their tablet to the dashboard for hands-free entertainment!

It’s available to book now for delivery early May for £589 per month, find out more here:


Good to see another new/refreshed model in the range.

But, I don’t know. I want to love the Citrussy-One… I want to like it. Citroën has a heritage of some great and innovative stuff, but I just don’t get good vibes off of others who have tried the e-C4….:thinking:

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Sorry but what’s the difference between these and Shine Plus?

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I think the range definitely took the ‘shine’ off it :joy:


This is a very interesting review of eC4 … although you need to be incredibly lucky to find a free space where the charging is free :wink:


Yes, I wondered if everything went as smoothly as they made out.

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Citroen just added a new trim to eC4 :wink:

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