A customer wiki or reference guide

There’s so much information I think you could (and probably should) be sharing with your customers, and an area on your website (and in the app too, of course) that makes it easy to discover this information would be really useful.

It needs to be filterable by make/model and also show general information that’s not make/model specific. This should of course default to the model of car you’ve got a subscription for.

Here are some ideas of content you should have in there:

  • Guides to charging the cars. These need to be public YouTube videos embedded in the guides (helps promote Evezy on YouTube) as well as some step-by-step diagrammatical reference guides. For some good examples, see ties.com for how to tie tie knots. Some people need that for plugging in an EV.
  • Explain the collection process. Will someone be there? Do you have to take anything with you? When do things happen? Is there a time limit for collection? What if you’re late? Is there a parking charge when you collect from a car park? What if the car won’t start? You get the idea.
  • If you can use a manufacturer’s app with the car… how to do that. Are there additional steps, like getting a VIN or a special code?
  • Explain the dash cam… What’s it for? Can we access the footage? Does it record audio? How does it work/when does it record? What does it record?
  • Explain aspects of the subscription model, such as the mileage limit, age limits, insurance excess etc. and where applicable, explain if these have cost options and how to change that.
  • Let us know how to switch cars. What’s the process?
  • Servicing is included. How does that work?
  • When the car needs things like tyres or wiper blades… how does that work?
  • I’d also suggest for each model, the reference pages could also link to the model specific areas of this forum :+1:

This would be a super valuable repository of information – especially for new joiners – and something you could mention in a new customer welcome email.


This sounds perfect. Some of these are on our FAQs but I agree having them on different guides with video content would be ideal. We’ve set up a meeting every week to review all your ideas and feedback on our community and see which ones we can push forward so I will let you know soon if we can start working on this!

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