8 Weeks and counting

Hey everyone just got a rant I need to get off my chest.

I am currently subscribed with the Renault Megane but on the 9th of January it developed a fault and couldn’t be driven.

Long story short it got recovered to Fish Brothers in Swindon and they called me saying they couldn’t find the fault that was reported.

Fast forward 7 weeks they called me saying it was ready for collection and they had fitted the drive selection modification in that time.

So I took the hire vehicle back and went to collect the Megane. I got there collected the key and as soon as I opened the door all the faults started alarming and it wouldn’t engage drive. The tech came out and said I would have to stay in to get looked at again.

I then got a courtesy car from the dealership.

I then today received £4.92 out of my £50 deposit from Enterprise car rental the one Renault had sorted while the car was in the dealership.

I rang them to ask why the only gave me that small amount back and they told me that Renault had not paid the last two days of rental and said that Renault and the fish brothers dealership had been arguing over who had to pay it. So muggings here footed that out of my deposit.

So I am still paying £799 a month to drive a 1.2 Renault Clio how is that even right I am absolutely fuming been totally mugged off.

So I cancelled my subscription as you can appreciate and it took them less than 5 mins to change me the pick fee the cheeky t**ts I haven’t even driven the car for 8 weeks.

I give up with this company.

Not sure I understand this. Normally if an Onto car is going to be out of action for any extended period, you should be entitled to a swap.

That should have been about 7 weeks ago. Why couldn’t Onto do this :thinking:

@Toddy7105 did you ask about this, what response??

@Amy_at_Onto isn’t this normally the case any more?


I was always under the impression that if a car was out of action for that long due to a fault then it would be subject to a swap?

Doesn’t seem right to be paying full rate for a car that’s developed a fault and sat at the dealer.



That’s just the automated systems that kick in as per the processes and procedures.
You should have complained and got a replacement car after one week at the dealership.
I would suggest that Onto should consider a sizeable refund for the lack of the actual car you subscribed to.


Hopefully mate I didn’t even know there were to supply another car if had been in that long.

It is hard work with there customer service I used the live chat explaining that I am paying for a car that I am not driving and he send me the link to cancel my subscription :joy::joy::pray:

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Who has been paying for the fuel for the Clio?

Good Morning, I’m really sorry to hear about the issues you have had with your vehicle and I have sent you a message so we can look to get this matter resolved for you as soon as possible.


Hey guys, just to let you know @Amy_at_Onto was first class and promptly got everything sorted out for me.

Thank you again guys for the advice, this community has been so much help :blush: