5th time contact, URGENT help with aditional mileage bought on 'previous' price

I have tried and tried again to contact you about the mileage bolt-on problem every agent says that they have sorted this problem out for me.

I bought additional mileage, with the offer that I would only have to pay the mileage price before the change. I have been promised numerous times that I will be credited or refunded. This is the 2nd month that I have been charged.

When will I get my money back?


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‘ The new mileage bolt-on prices will come into effect for existing customers on your next subscription renewal. The new subscription prices will start from August 2022.’

AFAIK this is the official. Correct me if wrong.

I had an email exchange with customer services about the same issue this week. Mine was slightly more complicated as I used reward points to purchase the bolt on but was still promised at the time that I could get a refund in cash, to reflect the protected rates.

I eventually got the right outcome but it took many attempts.

Well, we’ll see if it is actually credited on next months statement :rofl:

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Sometimes (once in every leap year) it’s in your favour when they are not familiar with their own policies. :wink:

I think you are wrong there, the mileage prices have doubled since March.

I am aware of the change, thank you.
That was a quote from the official communiqué.
What I pointed out is that the raised cost is applicable for existing subscribers from the first renewal after the announcement too.
Maybe read the topic from the beginning.

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@PapaZubz didn’t explain if it was just the first monthly mileage add on addition, but for now assume it is and the credit between new and old hasn’t been applied. However they could be wrongly assuming the old price applies each month, which is not the case.