£5 InstaVolt Credit

If you download the InstaVolt App and use my referral code, we will both get £5 credit when you have done a 10kWh charge. You will get your own referral code and can then do the same!

Handy to have if you’re nowhere near Polar Card or Shell Card compatible chargers, such as in the Manchester area :wink:

Referral code: 3cOvh

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Yeah I don’t use instavolt either non local to me and I would have to pay actual money out :scream:

Done! would be great if instavolt ever became part of the onto charging agreement.

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Done too (it is a capital O not a 0 in the promo code!)

But then I added the ZE40 compatible ‘AC Only’ filter, and nope, no charging on instavolt for me!

Maybe one to use if / when I upgrade!

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The referral code is allocated so I was a bit disappointed that it included the capital letter “O” which can be confused with the number.

As an aside, I took a 95 year old to get her COVID jab yesterday. The doctor asked her if what she called an “o” in her postcode was the letter or a zero. It was in fact the latter!

It reminded me of this classic Two Ronnies sketch. Enjoy if you’ve not seen it before, and even if you have!

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Thanks! Hadn’t realised they had launched an app.

Have used your code but had trouble entering my card details so not sure if it has been applied, or if it only works if you choose to have a credit account.

My code is jqh79

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Not used it yet myself. I think you might have to put £1 or more on the app account to be able to start using it.

Would be great if it was possible to link the Shell Card to the App. Anyone tried?

Well I’ve spent 4 hours waiting for an email to confirm things and I’ve sent 4 different ones now but still not received any, maybe they don’t want me to join :joy:

Found mine in junk mail box. Have you looked there?

Yes, checked no joy 🤷 perhaps it will turn up tomorrow

Thanks to all those who used my code. As real names come up on the app for referees, I can’t match you all to your usernames on this forum (except in two cases!)

When permissible I usually visit the Eden Project in Cornwall a couple of times a year. There is a site just over half way with a couple of 150kW InstaVolt rapids right on the main road. By then the e-208 should have a low SoC so will charge very quickly. Next time I go I’ll use the credit to charge up here. May be able to do the 270 mile journey with one charging stop in summer! Never have been able to do that before!


Used yours just now. Thanks

If anyone is able to use mine, I’d appreciate the super fast electrons :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::+1:

My code is mgmMW

Update, seems to be valid on a “first charge” of any amount?


Oh cheers! I got a notification saying someone has used my code and £5 has been added to my credit, so can confirm it works!

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Whereabouts do you get that information @BillN ? I can see who used my referral code but not if I’ve got any fivers yet!

On the ‘payment’ screen where it tells you your current balance.

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(I had £3 balance already because I tried to register my card 3 times and it took £1 each time!)


Oh and also under ‘charging history’ > ‘payment’