3rd month into my Zoe gt line 135

So chuffed…:heart:…loving the little Zoe.
Average daytime tenp here in South Wales is 5 degrees…-4 nighttime temp…still getting 70 miles per 30% battery life. Was looking for a cheeky swap but…really…i don’t think there is anything out there apart from the Kona which could compete with this little gem??
Driving on averages 70 miles per day/mixed Driving.
Maybe looking to change to e208…but range is pants! Lol. Clever move is…Zoe in winter months and e208 from May to September?
That’s the clever money…i think?
Any thoughts?
My first post by the way…be gentle please😁


The Zoe is hard to beat in terms of value for money as you’ve seen. Though it is a little small, rather basic in terms of features, and as you may have heard it has been awarded a zero star NCAP safety rating. That bothers some people, and not others. If you’re happy to live with that then you can save a lot of money.

If you want a slight upgrade then the Ioniq is the way to go. Smaller battery but way more efficient. So not much difference in range at all. Lots of extra space. And lots of extra features. All for £20 a month more.

The Kona you mention is an amazing car but only you can decide if it’s worthwhile. It’s fully loaded with toys and features and can basically drive itself, along with much more range and a higher rapid charge rate.

e208 is hard for me to recommend especially in this weather. But if you want a slightly more sporty feel then that’s your car. If you want a faster rapid charge speed it’s also a good option too. It will manage your 70 daily miles no problem even in winter though. So the only question is how you charge. If you plug in at home then go for it. If you’re relying on public charging, especially if not very well covered for charging (you say you’re in Wales which typically isn’t great for charging) then it’s probably not the answer here.

Remember you’re with Onto. The fantastic bonus here is that you can swap for just £49.50 whenever you like. Try out an alternative and see for yourself.