3-Pin Charger

So my 3-Pin charger decided to show a fault on Friday so called Customer Sevices on Saturday morning to report this. I followed the call up this morning to find out nothing had been done.

They advised me too speak to servicing who will look into this for me too be told I have to wait for an apointment but the problem is I rely on this charger quite a bit.

They have said if I want to resolve this quicker I have to call Vauxhall myself @Amy_at_Onto can you help me on this?

It does sound like the granny charger might be faulty, however it is worth trying it at a neighbours to see if you get the same fault.
Granny chargers are very sensitive to any earthing issue on a house mains circuit and it is possible that something has changed with the socket you normally use. Basically the earth wire may not be as tight as it should be and causing a fault condition. It happens over time with many electrical wiring circuits.


Good Afternoon, Iā€™m sorry to hear about the issue you are having. I have raised this with our maintenance team to look into. In the meantime if you could please get in touch with driver line to get an appointment booked in if you have not done so already. Thank you.