208 to id3

Do I do it?? Is it worth it ??

I’m considering going over to an id3 for a month or so? But not sure it’s still worth it over the 208 I’m currently driving ?

I’m getting cupra born , so it’s the closes thing I could drive to that .

As I’m still in grandfather rates is an £100 worth it to me


Think if I was you I would do it, then you know what the ID3 is like and can appreciate the born differences


Really considering it. But never swapped , so not sure on the cost. Might not be worth it for me. Just for 1 month

£50 for a swap. Do you have any loyalty points that you could cash in?


No , I used them up last month . Never mind . Most likely not worth the swap

My gut answer is “go for it”

After all that is one of the beauties of this subscription model, and while I have had five test drives (10 minutes - 3x45 minutes) at FCL, nothing beats really “living with” a car for a period.

But I’m conscious of becoming the hippo right (blimey, that’s such a bizarre autocorrect I might leave it in :flushed::joy:) on this subject as, after four months, I’m the one dithering over my next switch just to shave a little cost off the addictive Kona Ultimate! :upside_down_face:

I’ve got my 6 month reward bonus in the bank, and used points on my first swap in January - all very painless!

I jumped onto online chat to make sure someone pushed all the right buttons at HQ

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I’ve looked at the swap and suggest it wasn’t to take £678 out my account today . Obviously this isn’t right ?

Well it’s booked, I’m alittle sad but excited. I’ve come pretty attached to my little e208. I’ve covered 4000+ miles on her . But onward and upward