208 and app failures

Can anyone tell me what the past issues have been with the 208 & Onto app, and how/ whether it was resolved? Specifically on iOS if that’s relevant.

I’ve had ‘Key Not Detected’ on the dash (it seems to time out if I don’t start the car instantly on unlocking) as well as
The action was completed but a response was not received by the car ',
You are not connected to the car
There was a problem with your booking, please refresh ’ on the app.

No amount of refreshing, closing the app, airplane mode, or screaming will fix it. Onto on the phone have been less than helpful - they unlocked it for me last night, but couldn’t guarantee I wouldn’t have the problem again.

I’ve had suggestions to toggle bluetooth on and off, airplane mode, close app, refresh app, logout of app, restart phone and something to do with location services. If one of those was the solution, I’d make an effort to try it, but I don’t have the patience to stand around in the cold every time it fails and try all of these things!

I would be very grateful for any suggestions, along with what I’m supposed to do when it happens in a location with no phone signal.

Hi there

please call us so we can troubleshoot this and get the tech team involved if we cannot fix this on the call


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Some cars behave better than others with the equipment they install. It seems that the e-208 is one of those cars (alongside the i3 as well) Which doesn’t always play nice with the app. While not perfect, it should still mostly be working reliably, even if there are some quirks, for example having to unlock again just before starting the car in your case it seems.

Definitely get on the phone to ONTO Directly (not Driverline) and as Carol suggested they will be able to do some troubleshooting. If that doesn’t work, they can get you talking to the technical people who will be able to get to the bottom of things as a reset or replacement of the kit would get things working again. Make sure you have some spare time as they will run through a rather long list of things to try, so have your phone fully charged and able to go outside to try things on the car as suggestions are given.

As for a location with no phone signal, ONTO Won’t be able to remotely unlock the car, but you will still be able to do so locally, as long as you can get the app issues sorted. The digital key is stored on your phone so the app will still work without an active data connection.

Next time you see this happen and you can’t connect to the car, do a bluetooth device scan on your phone while standing beside the car. Is there a discoverable device showing, broadcasting it’s name as your car’s VIN Number? If that isn’t broadcasting 24/7 then it would suggest a problem with their equipment - This is an issue that I had with my first car and quite easy to check for, hence my suggestion.


Thanks both. @Carol I did call Onto today, but because they key was working this morning, there was no troubleshooting they could do. I was advised to call when I am having a problem - that’s exactly what I did last night, but he told me to call today to fix the problem!.

It’s incredibly frustrating!

Thanks for the suggestion @Koda - will try the Bluetooth scan next time to see if that’s it.

My question about no signal is what to do when the app doesn’t work, if I can’t call and it can’t be unlocked remotely anyway, I don’t know what Onto expect me to do. Perhaps @Carol could confirm.

Hi you need to call when the Onto team are in which is until 7pm Mon-Fri and 5pm at weekend, I know you cannot predict the time it occurs and I am sorry for the inconvenience this causes, but let hope we can get to the bottom of it asap and get rid of the issue