2 Wheeled electric?

Hi Onto

I wonder if you have any plans to bring on board any electric motorcycles/scooters like the new BMW CE 04?

This would be awesome

I can’t see any way they could easily make this happen for logistics reasons. Small battery means low range and lack of rapid charging means it’s not practical for the delivery.

That’s before you get to the licensing issues for delivery drivers, and the need for new specialist equipment to be installed on it to work with Onto’s computer system, insurance issues etc.

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Hi @P26BOW @Ml_ang - whilst we’re always open to new ideas and vehicles - at the moment it doesn’t seem feasible to offer motorcycles - what would happen in the winter/colder periods?

Also would be a lot more difficult to deliver/ collect & to fit all our kit in safe & secure manner.

But - we’re always open to ideas :bulb::grin::raised_hands:

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I recommend ridezoomo and blike but it’s quite expensive per month in my opinion. Half the cost of what I’m paying for the e-208 GT with limited range and no airbags :sweat_smile:

What about the carver it’s an awesome vehicle and able to use in winter

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I was thinking something along the lines of Boris Bikes scheme. You are right probably not workable