2 tyres in as many days

Other half had a tyre blowout today, one of those things. Called the driver line who sent someone out to replace the tyre which they’ve understandably charged for. Thing is, it’s only a temporary tyre that they’ve said needs to be replaced with an ‘EV tyre’ ASAP which doesn’t really sit well with me and wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience.

That’s doesn’t sound correct, should just be a one off tyre replacement and one charge with the correct type of tyre. If there is no available correct spec tyre, which might be the case, then I would expect a zero charge cost to have it swapped for a correct spec one later on when it is available.
Flagging @Hena_at_Onto to comment on this and follow up.


Is this a Tesla? - are they referring to the TO tyre of the same size?

If so, they are talking out of their rear ends… TO is not a requirement, just what Tesla OEM specified and recommended (with acoustic foam inside for noise reduction) (See also: Snake Oil)

It’s not a Tesla, no; just a Zoe!

If you check the tyre size (and speed rating), if it matches the other 3 (factory ones), it shouldn’t be an issue.

If it’s the 17" wheel, Zoe’s are 215/45R17 (V)
If it’s the 16" wheel, it’s 195/55 R16 (T)

There is no such thing as an “EV Tyre” - a normal one will do, but all tyres come with different Noise/Grip/Efficiency ratings

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Hey @Andy hope you’re well! Sorry to hear about the tyre issues. The Tyreline Team should ideally be fitting the correct tyre the first time around. However, to keep you mobile, they might fit a different tyre initially and come back at a later date once the like for like tyre is available. This should be at no additional cost as you should only be charged for the correct tyre to be fitted.

If you leave it with me, I’m happy to get confirmation on this for you, as I appreciate it may sound quite odd :slight_smile:


Thats fine in principle but the issue is they’ve put a budget brand on so when the car goes back it’ll fail the ‘fair wear and tear’ checks so would need a replacement then anyway.

@Hena_at_Onto will cancel the appointment I’ve got booked in to have it replaced tomorrow then. My concern is they implied it isn’t safe to drive for any length of time with this temporary one.

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I seriously doubt there is a shortage of standard Zoe sized/branded tyres in the U.K. at present.
Even if one is not available at a local branch, there will be loads in a warehouse to deliver same day/next day.

Supposedly, all electric tyres are different to cater for electrical hazards which may occur. They have to be a certain material

Not sure where this nonsense has emerged from, but it needs to be dispelled quickly.

The key difference between ICE and EV tyres is they need to cope with the greater weight of an EV due to the very heavy traction battery.

It has nothing to do with any ‘electrical’ hazards.


Are they significantly heavier though? When you take into account the engine in an ICE and a tank of fuel

Taking a pug 208 as a reference since it’s available in petrol/diesel/EV
Gross vehicle weights are…

Petrol 1510 to 1630 kgs.
Diesel 1650 kgs.
EV 1910 kgs.

So the battery adds another 260 kgs. Or over 15% (diesel vs EV)
Not insignificant.

Tyres have many attributes and the strength of the tyre is key for an EV, but it’s nothing new.
Cars have been getting bigger and heavier for a long time and tyre technology evolves alongside.

Lots of info on various sites.
Here’s one from a well known tyre brand.


An update in case anyone is interested.

The tyre fitted by the local fitter was a lower speed rating hence the need for the replacement. It was the AA (rather than Tyreline) who arranged for the local fitter to attend. I’ve explained to the driver who called Driverline that a breakdown is different to a puncture :slightly_smiling_face:

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