175kw BP pulse query

Hi I’m currently plugged into a BP pulse 175kw charger in the kona car is at 8% but car only drawing 40kw is this normal as never used a rapid charger before only a 50kw

You need to have a warm battery to get the highest speeds where you should manage 75kW or so.

Is it a fairly local charger? Unless you have done a long distance motorway drive before plugging in your battery will be nowhere near warm enough.

Cold battery… it will improve, a bit, eventually, and if you are lucky you might see 70+ just before it then slows back down again at 56% :rofl:

Even then, it often won’t be warm enough on the first charge of the day as driving doesn’t add much heat to the battery, in the Kona at least.

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It was a 10 mile drive to get here it’s now at 53kw so a bit better

Fair point. All the times I have had a Kona it’s been summertime so my starting battery temperatures would always be higher.

Took an hour to do 8% to 80%

Probably took about 10-12 minutes longer than best case.

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I have found that BP chargers seem to take longer to charge my Zoe than others.

Regularly use a charger at a tube station up the road, leave it for an hour while I take the dog for a walk and it will get to 99% to 100%. The car park was closed for a couple of weeks went to the BP 175Kw ones 15 minutes away and after an hour was only at 90%. Temperature and conditions similar and tried this 3 times with similar results. Therefore, avoid these if I can.

Only way to know for sure is by working out the average speed of each charger. How many kWhs did they each deliver during that hours charging?

I found my ZE50 says it is charging faster than it should on a 7kW post, but then the last 2% takes ages while it balances the cells. All in if I charge from almost empty to full, it averages about 6.9kW/hour.

The ZE50 on CCS will max out at about 45kW on any rapid charger, and that’s only from 10% to 50%, after that it drops to around 30kW. I’ve had these same speeds from three different Rapid units, including a BP.

I did a test at an empty charger and found on 50kW CCS that charging past 90% drew about 17kW, and on 22kW AC it drew around 15kW. This wasn’t on a BP unit. I don’t bother Rapid charging past 80% as it’s just super slow and not worth the extra wait time.

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With the Zoe’s range you don’t really need to go above 80% unless you’re about to do a really long journey. Balancing only needs to be done occasionally so you can do that at your convenience when you are not in a rush or have something to do while waiting.

I tend to leave mine when it hits 10%-ish during the day while I’m working so it just happens to charge fully anyway.

Rapid Charging past 80% isn’t worth it for me, as you say the range is great and rather than sitting watching the last 20% slowly go in, I’d rather just leave with 80% and spend a few minutes charging 90/120 minutes down the road - if I need to.