12 weeks since non fault accident

Well , I’m definitely starting to get extremely fed up with the ONTO insurance process ,

I’m approaching the 12 week mark since my non fault accident due to someone unsecured load hitting my car. ( 3rd party car wasn’t involved)

Still no information, still ONTO have no idea what’s going on.

I can’t even get an update to say they have been speaking to the third party insurance or if he has admitted liability or fighting his side .

I’ve literally feel left in the dark with a £1000 less in my pocket to show for it .

Yes I know there is a process , but if I was dealing with my own insurance company I honest feel it wouldn’t be this cumbersome and I would have at least some answers as to how the process is progressing .

I wouldn’t be so annoyed if there was just some communication of any kind. Say we are looking into just isn’t acceptable.

Yes I’ve been speaking to @Raheel_at_Onto @Adam_at_Onto but that doesn’t feel like it’s leading anywhere and asking for more and more days and another deadline for him to get information, as to which I’ve been asked to wait on 2 dates now and still nothing can be told to me . Even with today being the next deadline and no reply .

ONTO really need to look at the process how payments are processed and dealt with, as I feel it’s starting to get beyond a joke and 3 months of a £1000 be held to ransom, I honestly felt my case was pretty clear cut .


Sad that it’s taking this long, but then insurance companies are not known for being fast at anything these days. I suspect you are only halfway through this saga too.
Onto are likely to have soo little info themselves, even though I expect they chase regularly, so kinda explains why you don’t get any update as there is none to tell. However it would be better if Onto called/emailed once a week or even bi-weekly to say still no progress.

That’s partly this issue . Raheel been on contact with the department that deals with it. My case has had 2 dead lines for the required information.

Again the next deadline was today, so I messaged him first thing to find out what this update was ,( if any ) to no avail.

I accept the process takes down time, but I was told originally 8-12weeks. So I would expect something. Someone to know anything where we are .

Currently I’m no more informed than I was from week 1. Just seems like we have stalled

@Apriliamgt I will personally review in the morning. I understand your frustration with the process. As I understand it the surecam didn’t pick up the incident so it had to go through the painfully slow insurance process. Expect a response tomorrow even if it’s ‘still moving through the insurance process with the 3rd party’.

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Thanks Adam.

I’ve fully understand there is a process to follow and any wait is frustrating for anyone . But more than fact no better informed now, than I was 12 weeks or so ago. That’s the frustrating part

But if someone came back to me and said yes mathew we are at this stage in the process

Ie confirmation from third party or we are now in the process of chasing the third party .

And it’s a worry you said about the camera , as I remember getting an email from yourself/ONTO saying my camera was faulty and an engineer appointment would be booked to visit me. Obviously never happened as the car was at FMG by this point

Hi @Apriliamgt , I think you will find that this was sorted out this morning for you. I agree we need to improve our communication on status of a claims and in fact I’m sat with the claims team this morning to see what we need to do.

Ref Camera in general we don’t have issues with them, of course in this case it was faulty and hence the footage wasn’t available. That said the pictures and overview of what happened were very helpful.

Apologies this took so long and thanks for flagging. We have made several changes that should improve the claims process going forward.


Thank you.

Yes I’ve had an email from Connor this morning and my £1000 has been refunded .

I must add that my case is by no means over in regards to the final outcome due car still being with FMG awaiting parts . Which unfortunately has delayed the invoice being generated regardless of fault . ( internally at ONTO)

But ONTO believe they have enough evidence to follow up with the third party and chase the claim from there .

I’m convinced there must be a better way dealing with the claim and monies for excess due , what that is I’m not sure . As I believe looking back on dates the monies wasn’t requested untill about 4 weeks after .

But like most , we don’t mind if it takes 2 weeks or 15 weeks , as long as the process and information pasted on a regular basis.

Thanks @Adam_at_Onto @Raheel_at_Onto I’ve been a pain, but you have been helpful to . I honestly feel if it wasn’t for this forum , I would struggle with my ONTO journey


Agree with you @Apriliamgt ref better process. Depending on the situation with the claim I think that we should be advising customers on a weekly or bi weekly basis with the latest status (even if its a no change update). Watch this space.